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LiveData Solutions

WANdisco LiveData

Replicate production data with no downtime or data loss, even when the data is changing.

WANdisco LiveMigrator

Automates Hadoop to Cloud Migration - Zero Downtime, Zero Data Loss

WANdisco LiveAnalytics

Continuous automated replication and immediate data availability

WANdisco and Micro-D

WANdisco and Micro-D

About WANdisco

With zero downtime and zero data loss, WANdisco LiveMigrator solves the problem of moving petabyte scale data to the cloud and LiveAnalytics Solution provides immediate analytic data access through continuous automated replication from on-premises Hadoop analytics to Spark based cloud analytics.

WANdisco Fusion keeps geographically dispersed data at any scale consistent between on-premises and cloud environments allowing businesses to operate seamlessly in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

WANdisco has over a hundred customers and significant go-to-market partnerships with Amazon Web Services.

Micro-D WANdisco Master Distributor for Africa

Micro-D, one of Africa’s most established IT companies, is a Master Distributor for WANdisco Plc in Africa.

The distributor agreement involves the Company’s patented Fusion platform deployed across key enterprises in the region. Through its network of resellers and partners, Micro-D will deploy WANdisco’s suite of products to enable cloud migration and continuous data availability and consistency for customers.

The contract is valued at $3 million over 3 years with potential to expand as Micro-D leverages its network of resellers across Africa taking advantage of high-growth use-cases including machine learning and AI. The contract leverages the Company’s close relationships with cloud vendors.

This contract also marks a significant entry for WANdisco into the high growth African market, with Fusion to be implemented across major enterprises in Africa. Data growth has become a CIO priority and the recently opened Azure availability zone in South Africa illustrates the strategic importance of the African region for Microsoft and the planned AWS region in South Africa in 2020 reaffirms the demand for cloud services in the region.

WANdisco Fusion is the only solution that can enable organisations to seamlessly move large volumes of data with consistent and continuous availability whilst meeting regulatory requirements.

WANdisco’s patented technology ensures our customers are able to leverage the impact of their IT investment to support exponential data growth without growing the IT budget.

Make the best choice for your data replication and availability

For continuous automated replication and immediate data availability, contact Micro-D to discover why we are WANdisco's Master Distributor for Africa

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